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Authentic Croc Luxury Leather iPhone 11 / PRO / MAX Case

• Custom case crafted upon order. For you only.

• Handcrafted by skilled local artisans in Florence, Italy.

• Superior finish to Caiman or Alligator leather, Italian Crocodile is the ultimate in smooth and elegant texture. 

Enjoy your very own crocodile leather Civitas Regis case to style and protect your new iPhone 2019: available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 PRO and iPhone 11 PRO MAX . Our genuine "coccodrillo" leather is ethically selected from the highest quality European tanneries, offering a superior luxury finish than caiman or alligator leather varieties. 

The minimalist protective frame of the case offers a subtle lip at the front, giving full screen protection when the iPhone 11 is placed face-down. The matte finish on the TPU rubber frame gives it depth and slenderness  whilst making sure your iPhone is always protected from scratches, bumps and falls up to a certain height. The exotic leather gradually curves around every side of the phone case, offering an "infinity" effect that will please your eyes and make everyone around you jealous of such a sexy phone case.

Don't miss this chance to buy the only luxury case on the market that will make yours or a loved one's new iPhone truly unique. 

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