Civitas Regis  was founded on the promise of delivering the most beautiful examples of ethically sourced exotic leathers for the modern lady and gentleman. We craft each piece to serve the utmost in Italian style to your everyday essential accessories. The modern world has given so much choice and diversity in contemporary shopping decisions, but we ask: are the style-savvy among us being offered good quality choices? With the market flooded with synthetic and uncharacteristic Chinese mass productions, we offer you something that sets you apart from the rest.



Our entire range of exotic leathers are produced in Italy's prestigious tanning region of Tuscany, a trade which has been a vital part of local life for more than 2,000 years. As a result, everything we produce is an incarnation of these ancient leather-working traditions. Each piece of Italian leather carries a DNA of quality that ensures its longevity, robustness and beauty that has to be touched to be believed.




We have exclusive agreements with our tanneries in Tuscany to ensure that all of our leather is completely recycled. This means that our leather comes from the unused clippings of other productions, often initially produced by the world's leading fashion houses, which would otherwise have gone to waste. Sharing the same tanneries as those used by the haute fashion industry means that we carry their same pedigree of quality, whilst having a direct environmental impact of almost zero.




You can't fake quality; it comes from a passion for combining the world's best materials with cutty-edge design. And if you have a passion for quality, it runs in your veins. This passion informs everything that we do, especially in the way that we bring our products to the citizens of the world. Direct from Italy to your letter box.